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9 Surprising facts about rice

[ 0 ] July 20 |

For some, is a source of sustenance for many is symbol of life and fertility. Sanctified this venerable grain monopoly continues even today, a surge in the price of rice has the long-standing tendency to give the ruling governments sleepless nights. After all, in many parts of the world, a shortage of rice could in fact to be the decisive difference between life and death.


Here are ten facts about rice that promise a profound experience in various facets of this grain so honored:

A member of the family of rice is as old as the most ancient civilizations, nearly 10,000 years. From the fertile basin of the Tigris, Euphrates, Yangtze and Ganges, it has broken the barriers and are found worldwide except for Antarctica. This grain which holds nearly two-thirds of the boasts of world’s population a staggering 40,000 varieties depending on their length of long, medium and short. It is estimated that an individual on average consumes about 300-400 pounds of rice every year. Its warm temperatures and shallow water for rice seedlings. The fact that only one kilogram of rice requires a whopping 5,000 litres of water can also be smooth. Health freaks are sure to greet this grain with unabashed joy. After all, it is an excellent source of energy that ensures optimum performance of brain, physical activity and repair and growth of routine. It is low in fat, almost cholesterol and gluten and also contains negligible amounts of sodium. It adds another feather in his cap with its supreme quality protein content. It is also a rich source of vitamins and minerals. in 2004 they have been held as the international year of rice, but in many cultures, conducted festivals in honor of this wonderful grain with joy and traditional fervour. Rice also form an inalienable part of important functions such as marriage. There are several poems and songs of praise of this venerable grain.

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