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Cheap and easy Oriental recipes with chicken and rice for the summer!

[ 0 ] August 25 |

Inexpensive recipes, Oriental recipes, easy chicken and rice for the summer? Today Vanessa shares his secret recipe on how to prepare delicious and nutritious soup. Get ready for the show!

In Asian countries of South-East as Singapore and Malaysia, there are many people who likes to drink soup. This is because they live in the tropical climate, the climate is hot and humid. Locals tend to sweat more and therefore need to replenish your body fluid with sticky foods (e.g. porridge and soup).

Here is the recipe of how prepare the snack.

Light snack (part one)

1/3 of Chinese cabbage
2 tablespoons rice
50 g chicken breast meat

Ingredients for the soup
500 ml vegetable stock
A piece of root of ginger (minced)
A teaspoon of oil
A pinch of salt
To taste light soy sauce

to wash and clean the cabbage leaves.
b. cut into small pieces.

c. washing the rice. Drain them and set aside

d.clean meat and meat dry pad.
and he says the meat into small cubes.

to cook the rice and stock of vegetables in a pot of strong heat for 20 minutes.
b. while cooking the soup, it will proceed to cook the chicken.
c. heat the wok for 30 seconds, add oil and stir fry ginger.
d. Add Chicken cubes and stir-fry until cooked.
e add in light soy sauce and leave the meat simmers for 10 minutes.

(f) when the soup is almost ready, put in the cabbage. Cook for 1 minute.

(g) remove from fire and spray on a few drops of sesame oil.
h. Add soy sauce and pepper to taste.

i. garnish the soup with diced chicken. You can also add some crunchy onion rings or deep fried rice noodles.

a. you can replace chicken with beef, pork, mushrooms or eggs.
b. you can replace the onion rings deep fried deep fried rice noodle.

Most Chinese prefer light soup in the days of heat. Therefore, they do not add eggs or heavy meat.

Fried onions are sweet and delicious. You can prepare more and keep them in a bottle of clean glass for future use. Some of you might like to eat as a snack. These are the steps to make them.

Rinse and pad dry red onions. Cut them into thin rings. Heat the wok and add in the vegetable oil. Onions must be included in the oil. Cook with medium heat until they are golden brown. Remove from oil and empty dry.

On the other hand, if you prefer, use fried rice noodles, it is not difficult to prepare too.
First, rinse and dry noodles. Place them in a deep wok of hot oil and fry them until they are crispy. This is a common snack for soup and porridge.

Chinese cuisine is very flexible. You can add or reduce the amount of ingredients according to their tastes.

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