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Making Sushi rice at home

[ 0 ] June 26 |

My first attempt to make sushi rice was a disaster. I started grabbing a bag of rice’s usual long grain of the pantry and release immediately in a saucepan.

I ignored the advice of a friend to “wash” first the rice. Eh? Do thought how stupid that was.? When the rice was done cooking, had picked up straight from the pot and a brilliant piece of nori seewead.

My algae melted quickly in the rice along with my dream of making the perfect sushi rice.

The moral of my story? There are there are shortcuts (aside from a good rice cooker). Take your time. Practice. And follow my recipe for sushi rice.


2 cups of short grain rice A large bowl for washing rice A medium sized pot heavy with a tight lid

All sushi recipes require short-grain rice. I do not think that even above grab that big bag of rice’s become of Uncle Ben sitting in the closet.

You know you have the correct type if the beans are uniform in size and slightly transparent.

Wash the rice

This may seem a routine task, but it is necessary to remove the powder and starch.

Carefully measure 2 cups of raw short grain rice. It produces about 5 cups of cooked rice Wash the rice in a bowl of cold water. Rub gently the grains together with fingers. The water in the container quickly turn a milky color. Suggestion carefully his bowl to drain the murky water. Turn the bowl with fresh water and repeat the above process until the water is almost filled. Put the rice in a colander and let it dry for about an hour.

Cooking rice
Place 2 cups of rice washed in a heavy pot Add 2 cups of water Be sure to put a lid tight and bring to a boil in alto. Never remove the lid! Activate low heat and let the rice fire slow for 15 minutes Remove the pot from the heat. Lift the lid and stretch a cloth on the boat. Replace the lid and let that rice end steam for another 15 minutes.

While waiting for the rice can prepare sushi-zu. This is the solution of seasoned rice vinegar used to flavor the rice for sushi.

Any rice to be used for sushi should be consumed immediately.

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