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Secrets to Mexican rice 101 – an introduction for cooking rice

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If you ever have eaten at a Mexican restaurant, they have probably had a version of Mexican rice. This tomato and spices to flavor rice has become a permanent fixture in Mexican cuisine. It was not always so, however. Rice did not grow in Mexico originally. It was introduced to Mexico from the Philippines. The Spaniards found that the rice grew very well around Veracruz and the rest is history.


Customs of Mexican rice


Rice is traditionally served at lunch time at Mexico. It is usually served with beans or fish. Rice and beans in restaurants are not how served in Mexico. More information about the Mexican traditional food really open your eyes. Mexican cuisine uses rice in many ways beyond the tasty rice discussed here. Also used it in cakes, desserts and horchata, a tasty drink.


Rice is often prepared in the style pilaf in Mexico. Gold first and then boiled in broth rice. You will add additional flavor of onions, peppers and carrots cooking with rice. Parts of Mexico in favour of a similar creamier risotto rice.


Equipment for cooking Mexican rice


A pot is a container of clay that was traditionally used for cooking rice. Rice gives an earthy flavor. Rice is steeped in the first place, drained and fried until it is brown in color. Broth or other liquid is added so that the rice can boil until it becomes.


Mexican rice should be fluffy. So the rice are fluffy, rinse the rice without Cook in a sieve until the water is cloudy. Rinse gets rid of starch excess that makes sticky rice. You can also soak the rice ahead of time. This helps lower your kitchen time and helps the rice absorb more flavor of broth and vegetables cooked with it. In Mexico, a long-grain rice is the preferred variety, but medium-grain rice works too well.


What to do with leftovers


When you have leftover rice, it only immobilize. Take a sheet of foil for high strength and distributed the rice in a thin sheet. Seal up aluminum foil and place in the freezer. When you want to use it again, just pop in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit to reheat it. It is not necessary to defrost first.


Choose a recipe of Mexican rice, follow the instructions carefully for best results. Ingredients can be added as olive oil, carrots, parsley and hot peppers. You will add much flavour to your food finished. Serve the rice with a simply prepared fish or another between.


Take the time to learn how to prepare Mexican rice added more authenticity to Mexican cuisine. With some practice, you can make a good Mexican rice without even thinking twice. Your family will love the wealth of taste. It is a nice change of pasta or potatoes.


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