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The simple fried rice

[ 0 ] July 22 |

What could be easier to cook fried rice? Its easy to prepare that they require very few ingredients. All you need is cooked rice, eggs and salt to taste.

Rice is the staple food for more of Asia such as China, India, Malaysia and Thailand. It is the second highest produced grain in the world after corn and can be grown almost anywhere, even on the slopes of the mountains.

Rice is an excellent source of energy due to its high starch content. It is also low in fat and cholesterol, easily digested and contains a number of important nutrients such as proteins, vitamins b and e and potassium.

Although there are many types of rice, only three; long grain short and glutinous grain consumed normally. Long beans are the most popular and normally used for fried rice. Corto-GranOS are starchier, but soft and creamy when cooked. Mainly used the glutinous rice stuffed and desserts.

How to Cook rice:

By steaming or boiling rice is cooked. Popular in Asia and Latin America, an electric rice cooker makes that Cook rice very simple and easy. If you don’t have one, boil the rice is the best method next.

Boil the rice can be tricky, as the proportion of rice to water it cannot be established scientifically. 3 cups of water perfectly Cook 2 cups long grain rice. However, 1 cup of rice needs 13/4 cups of water and 3 cups of rice requires 4 cups of water. I said that it was difficult. The most scientific way to measure the proportion of rice water might surprise you. Put the rice in a saucepan and place your hand flat on him. Pour in the water up to three quarters of the way of his hand. The proportion is now correct. Another way is to put your finger half rice (pointing down) and let that water coming up to three-quarters of its finger between the tip and the first joint.

For cooking rice, bring to boiling and let the bubble of 1 minute (1 minute). Immediately to low heat, cover closely and boil for 20 minutes. Not to read it while the rice warm! At the end of 20 minutes, turn off the fire and let that rice to bathe in its own heat for another 5 minutes (not to lift the CAP). Discover rice and fluff with a spoon or fork.

The key to taking good fried rice is to use rice cold, strong, so you loose and separated when stir-frying. Rice left overnight in the refrigerator works best.

The simple fried rice (serves 2):


* cold 2 cups of cooked rice

* 2 large eggs

* 2-3 shallots, sliced (small onions brown skin layer)

* 3-4 tablespoons cooking oil

* scallions chopped for garnish


* 1-2 teaspoons salt


Wok from heat to fire until that hot. Add 3 tablespoons of oil and swirl to coat the wok. Dispersion in the shallots and stir until brown and fragrant. Be careful not to let it burn or you taste bitter. Add rice and stir vigorously to coat each grain of rice with oil. Add salt to taste and stir for a minute.

Make a hole in the rice. Add remaining oil and Cook eggs, stirring until approximately three-quarters cooked and the consistency of scrambled eggs. Remove the rice on eggs and stir vigorously to be a good mixture of rice and eggs. Put out the fire, add the chopped green onions and serve. Simply delicious!

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