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Tips to Cook Basmati rice

[ 0 ] July 16 |


For people who are not a lucky to be blessed with culinary skill high octane, the thought of how cooking Basmati rice is going to fulfill an ominous mixture of ignorance and fear. And issues are compounded by the fact that always happens to be the most suitable accompaniment for all kitchens in rice rules the rest.


Contrary to popular belief, this supreme quality of cooking rice is not a task of the Himalayas. So without obfuscate any more, here are the secrets that have always been for but didn’t know to do:


This type of rice grains are long and lengthen further during the cooking process. And of course, taste heavenly. Since the content of starch is relatively high, the grains washed in water cold several times before the baking process. Immersion in cold water for 30 minutes before the washing process is considered ideal. Drain the water completely before putting the grains in a medium saucepan. Measure the water used for cooking rice. A ratio 2: 1 (2 cups water 1 cup rice) is sure to keep it afloat. Add a pinch of salt and rice and water and cover with a tight lid. In the event that the lid is not close enough, cover the pot with an aluminum foil before placing the lid. Cook the rice until the solution is reduced. On the basis of the time, reduce heat and allow to simmer for 10 minutes before extinguishing the fire. Do not stir the rice during the cooking process, which usually takes about 30-45 minutes. At the end of the cooking process, allowing the rice in the pot stand 5 minutes before inspecting the contents. Esponjar with a fork when the process reaches an end fragrant. Ideally, the water must have been absorbed by the rice. In the event that the rice turns out to be a bit too soft wee, reduce the amount of water the next time. The opposite happens in the case of rice seems to be difficult.


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