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With or without an electric rice cooker – how to Cook rice perfectly every time

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We all know the most convenient way to prepare rice is to use a pot of rice, on the other hand, if you do not have one or don’t want to use one always is the non-traditional safe means to do so, a technique has been passed down over generations. Is that there are dozens of varieties of rice there means that there are also various forms of election to prepare it and use it. It is a traditional way of cooking rice flavor to it with seasonings or broth, a soup natural that you can use instead of water, to make the real juicy rice with chicken or vegetables.

To make a comprehensive service that provides at least 4 people in first place needed a large pan or shallow pot. Take 2 cups of white rice, either simple or glutinous (depending on how tacky it want to). Make sure that you have a good amount of vegetable oil, margarine or butter, worth approximately 2 tablespoons. (Ideally, 2 cups of rice, you will need approximately 3.5 cups of water). You can also add a nip of salt to the taste, but not too, because on rice salt can be just as unpleasant as having flooded rice.

When the rice has been placed at the bottom of the pan, washing then empty the water out several times until no longer looks cloudy, it not only cleans the rice but it also eliminates part of the starch. You can run a manual check to make sure that you have the accurate measurement of water by placing the finger half longer in the pot, the water must reach the knuckle. Put in your salt with oil at this time before the start of the cooking process. Set up your pot on a hot stove along with a cover that does not completely obscure the top leaving about 1 cm opening between the lid and the pot. It is not the intention to bring rice to boil faster, delivers it to start with a low average temperature and leave it for about 20 minutes to warm up.

When after this time, then register it at intervals of 5 minutes until the water has been fully saturated for rice. On occasion it might seem that water has all disappeared, though to be sure, take a spoon and push the rice and return to reveal any residual water. If there is, simply close the lid of the latest explosion in 5 minutes. If you should discover that rice has not reached the texture of the flexibility you want before exhaustion water, then just put in another quarter of a cup of water warm up to half of the bread and redistribute rice to cover. Once finished, only then turn ceasefire and let him follow a 5 minutes more light with the cover still then shake and esponjar rice before serving.

If you prefer to have their simple and without flavor rice below, follow the equivalent procedure above, except this time once rice has been rinsed and cleaned, must be water to a boil before adding the rice actually for bread. You can use extra water to this process and when well drain water if necessary (make sure you have a strainer and a large bowl by hand also). As soon as boiling water is added the rice you stir regularly to make sure that you do not connect together.

Wait 10 minutes and then check to see if it does. If not, then continue to shake every 2 minutes until the end of the cooking process, time that basically must pour the contents of the pot on the sieve, leaving than the surplus of water drainage outside the plate. Once all the water spare has been removed again the rice pot, where could the season that if you like and then dish. Rice tends to be a trifle Notepad when cooked this way, so it is ideal for use to do things such as rice balls, etc.

If you are on a low salt diet, could always add a small amount of derivatives, the rice stock cube broth or vegetables in the flavor. There are plenty of different options flavoring in addition to many books on rice recipes cook allows you to experiment with many flavorings. On a final note, remember to never reheat apagarán rice one time has gone cold as rice kept very quickly, hot or if it is used as a social cold collection dish then make certain that cools very quickly by placing in small containers.

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