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Homemade Spanish rice recipe

[ 0 ] July 2 |


Rice is a good companion to almost all meals, can only be eaten or go with fish, chicken, vegetables and soup, can create a combination that will make that your happy family dinner together and of course can turn it into something delicious ever eat. The ingredients needed to make this basic rice are almost all in his kitchen, only to have a look and be ready for cooking.



Oil (2 tablespoons)

Onion (2 tablespoons)

White rice (1 ½ cups)

Thick sauce (1 cup)


How to do it:


First a large skillet will need to heat the oil in it. Once you have oil in there to take it to the fire over medium heat and start heating, before it is too hot, add onions and stir, cook for 5 minutes and the onion will become tender and brown a bit. Once you have the onion add rice and mix everything in the Pan, take care that often to remove does not burn. Once the rice add brown slightly in the broth of chicken and salsa, finally before it can reduce the heat from the Pan and cover for almost 20 minutes, mixing lost liquid all that it will be absorbed by the rice and once there is almost no liquid in it, is that it is ready to go. You can remove the fire once it has the consistency you like.


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