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How to make rice salad

[ 0 ] August 26 |

Rice salad is a simple recipe to make. If you are looking for inspiration for recipes for easy startup for a buffet, rice salad is perfect. The day before the party, Cook a lot of rice. You can divide and make different salad recipes. You can also Cook before making the salad, but remember that it is necessary to chill for a while before that will serve.

To make this rice salad recipe, you need to cook the rice until was the invitation to tender (white simmer a part rice in two parts of salt water) and make sure of her drain well. Store in the refrigerator overnight and can be used the next day to some recipes tasty buffet. The best results, use white rice. Long grain and short grain rice both work well.

Salty rice salad

Combine rice with mayonnaise, sour cream, creme fraiche, cream of salad, cream alone or a combination of them. Rice will be too dry by not adding some sort of clothing. Add a little salt and pepper, if necessary. Perhaps some Chile powder would also be tasty or flaked some red pepper.

Add blue cheese and walnuts to an exotic recipe and full-flavored. Add chopped beets, peas, and pineapple for a colorful dish. Add ham, cheese and peas for a retro-style rice salad. Add shrimp canned, drained and tuna for one suspect.

Like mayonnaise or sour cream, you can add some mustard, curry powder or tomato puree. If you are going to make a fish salad, add some mashed tomato mixed with mayonnaise and a couple of drops of Worcestershire sauce.

If you use blue cheese and walnuts, use mayonnaise, to keep the simple taste. If you are using raisins, chopped chicken or minced meat and Caramelized Onion, add some powder Curry for a truly delicious taste.

The key to successful rice salad is being creative. Add cut vegetables or fruit and meat, poultry or fish and cool salad of rice until it is ready to serve.

Fruity rice salad

Arroz con leche may be a dessert, but can serve fresh salad table buffet with salty salad. Combine cold rice fruit chopped to a wonderful fruity salad with mayonnaise.

Try banana, apple, Plum, peach, strawberry, grape, or any combination of the. You can use mayonnaise half and half cream only to add a gourmet touch. Throwing too in some nut nutmeg or cinnamon. Peanuts are going very well in more sweet walnut halves or cashew nuts recipes.

This dish has been a popular dish in buffets for half a century and will not fashionable now. Rice salad is an excellent choice if you want to do something easy and cheap yet delicious and impressive. Rice stuffed and makes a recipe for great starter or a main meal accompaniment. The fact that you can make ahead is also welcome.

Serve rice salad in a bowl big serve with a bucket. If you serve as an appetizer or part of a main dish, may small things cups or mugs with the mixture of rice salad, use a spatula to level and at the suggestion of firmly to a serving dish. It will keep its shape.


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