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Looking for the best recipe for Spanish rice? Choose between two

[ 0 ] July 30 |

If search feckless for the recipe for perfect rice of Spanish has drawn a blank, have come to the right place. Here is not one, but two tantalizing rice recipes that compliment any delicacy perfect steak Tacos, enchiladas or chicken.

Defined by colors and lovely Aromas

For some it is nutty aroma that ignites your imagination, is the rich taste of homemade chicken makes this dish simply irresistible for many. But what really aid the rice dish acquire a cachet stronger is the method of preparing the browning process first rice with onion and garlic and then, leaving tomato and chicken broth are simply sensational TI-es processes.

A beacon of hope

The basic recipe for rice is extremely simple and therefore promises to get well with people with rudimentary cooking skills. Here is what is needed:

half cup of rice quarter pepper quarter onion Butter Fresh garlic Salt and pepper 1 tablespoon tomato paste or 1 cup of cooked or fresh tomatoes, tense

Brown the rice in a pan with butter, onion, garlic and pepper. When the rice turns into a beautiful golden brown, stirred chicken broth and tomato paste. Cover and cook over medium heat until rice is cooked. It is not necessary to add, serve piping hot.

With the objective in a size zero?

Here is another recipe especially for those involved in an endless battle with the bulge. The ingredients include:

1 cup instant uncooked rice 1 cup chopped onion Cup t chopped green pepper half teaspoon prepared mustard quarter teaspoon pepper 1 Tin whole tomatoes, chopped and mixed 1 can of tomato juice 1 vegetable cooking spray

First, apply a frying pan with vegetable cooking spray. Heat a bit, and then add the rice, onion and pepper. Skip a couple of minutes. Mix the remaining ingredients and allow to simmer uncovered for a while, or until liquid is completely absorbed.

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