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Need to lose weight? Buy a pot of rice

[ 0 ] September 3 |

Do you buy a pot of rice help you lose weight?

Well, for people who are on a diet plan, it may very well help. A common myth about the rice is that it is high in carbohydrates and must fattening. However, is when people use enhancers taste like butter, for example, mixed with the rice is what packages in extra unwanted calories. That along with other fatty foods, rice may be eaten with.

Rice alone same when taken in recommended portions is not fattening.

In fact, have rice with dinner at normal size portions is really a good healthy way to help to shed some pounds. Fills you up quickly and in combination with drinking a glass of water (or wu long tea) from 10 to 15 minutes before a meal, and then another during the food your appetite satisfied more… and much earlier.

So in a pot of rice is playing?

In a nutshell, buy a pot of rice which has a panel of steam and most importantly allows simultaneously to steam food while the rice is cooking is a great way to supplement one healthy meal all that is low in fat, knows big and filled. All while using energy efficient device.

Here is a recipe for rice to follow when in the mood for a dinner of healthy rice.

What you will need
1) 1 cup rice
(2) 1 all sweet potato or yam peeled and cut bite size cubes
(3) two cloves of garlic, peeled, diced or chopped as you wish
(4) asparagus peeled whole 3 or 4
(5) 2 teaspoons chicken not MSG grass beef seasoning of level
(6) 1 teaspoon of curry powder (optional) level
(7) 1 tablespoon of olive oil level
(8) 2 or 3 pepperoncini peppers chopped
(9) 1 small can of olives black sliced
(10) one can small Italian style tuna (Cento or Pastene trademarks)


In a pot of rice 5.5 Cup capacity (or greater) add 1 cup rice cooker size rinsed rice and filling approximately between the line of “Cup of 1 and 2” water level in the bowl of rice cooking. That rice soak for 20 minutes.

Press the button of cook and wait until the water comes to a boil.

Add olive oil and herbs beef seasoning of water, shake and put into cubes of sweet potatoes, asparagus and garlic to the tray of steam. Place lid tray kitchen and close. Steam and cook until rice cooker changes the way of keeping warm.

When the kitchen clicks for mode keep warm open the lid and remove the tray from steam (with caution) and mix in optional curry seasoning, olives black and peppers diced. Stir well, replace the tray and close the lid, allowing that the rice esponjar for 10 minutes.

Scoop out its mixed rice in a bowl, add tuna, diced potato and asparagus on top and enjoy! You can replace hot chili peppers for a more spicy shrimp and sweet dish or steam rather than use canned tuna.

This is a basic healthy food and low-cost that is low in fat, has a great taste and is easy to do.




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