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Rice with chicken

[ 0 ] July 13 |

Cook this dish very often, especially when I don’t have too much time or I’m too lazy. Recipe is simple and the end result is a delicious. And normally I do not need to rush to the grocery store, because everything you need is often already at home.

Ingredients (for 4 people):

-500 ml rice (I prefer a scalded)

-1.2 l chicken soup or precious metals

-1 medium size onion

-4 garlic husks

-Chicken 300 g (fillet of chests or back)

-oil (I prefer olive oil)

-spices (depends on your taste – I would suggest 2 Bay leaves, curry, parsley)


-make soup of chicken or ingots. I do not complicate so I use 2 cubes of chicken soup. Bring to a boil.

-Meanwhile Peel the onion and cut into small pieces

-Peel Garlic, too

-in a pot (aprox. 2 L), some oil, heat, put the onions and FRY until get glassy appearance

-While you fry the onion, chop chicken into small pieces

-When the onion is fried, put the meat in the Pan and FRY (don’t forget mix)

-just before adding the rice, cut the garlic into small pieces and put it in the pot to the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia only ta little (to feel the smell of it)

-then put the rice in the pot and fry a little bit

-pour the soup of chicken in the Pan, stir and add the spices

-cover pot, boil everything and then lower the heat. The soup has only slowly boil. Leave the covered pot

-not usually remove more. After approx. 30 minutes (verification between) the rice to soak all the soup and must be cooked. If it isn’t, add a little hot water. Turn off the heat, set aside the pot and leave covered for 10 minutes, for you know the spread around the pot and rice calm

-served with white wine and Parmesan cheese

Buon appetite!

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