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Simple diet with mixed grain for all grain recipes

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Recipe 1: rice to reduce fat

The specialty of rice is very has germ with nutrition, vitamins, high fiber density. Consume every day in our diet, helps reduce the level of fat and cholesterol. It also has high contents of zinc, which helps improve the texture of the skin and softness.

Ingredients: rice (select those with light yellowish brown in color, very good form fragrant and smell)

Method: Soak in water for 1 hour at least. As usual cooking rice or oatmeal.

Impact: Help the digestion and nutrition absorption.

Recipe 2: Rice Bun sorghum or sorghum base of thick soup for dessert

Ingredients: Egg powder, yeast, white sugar, sorghum, Sesame, and some of water (part depends on the proportion to serve)


1 Mix all the ingredients and mix with the addition of water periodically until that mix well.

2 Take and mass, flattened it and cut into round little.

3 Make all low-mass round in steam and vapor until well done.

4 Remove the bread from sorghum rice to and withdrawals to cool down.

5. A little deep fried bun hot bread with oil and take it up then sprinkle some Sesame at the top, please.

Effect: Prevent anemia and sorghum is very rich in iron. Easily fill our stomach that is rich in carbohydrates.

Recipe 3: Soup of barley

Ingredients: Barley, sticks of chicken and tomato; water


1 Sticks skin from chicken raising, drain and set aside.

2 Wash and soak barley in water for 1 hour approximately.

3 Put all ingredients in a stewing pot stew for 2 hours and serve.

Effect: Barley has the effect of improving our bones, strengthen our stomach, clean the lungs, reducing the body warms, many b vitamin that helps improve the skin texture and fairer, also many ladies helps prevent uterine cancer too.

Recipe 4: Noodles

Ingredients: Noodles, lamb mince, cucumbers, soy sauce, oyster sauce and a dash of salt and pepper.


1 Boil noodles in hot water until it is done. Remove from water and submerged in ice water, drain and set aside put on a plate.

2 Rinsing cucumber and cut into thin slices.

3 Heat a frying pan with a little oil and a pinch of salt, some soy sauce and oyster sauce. Lamb chopped and lightly FRY and reach the 70 percent done.

4 Pour the minced lamb noodles and top with cucumber slices.

5. Serve with seasoning if necessary.

Effect: Buckwheat is rich in proteins, it is very good at substitution of meat proteins. It is not advisable to take this food for breakfast and dinner and buckwheat noodles is not easy for digestion, better serve at lunch.

Recipe 5: Eight treasure rice

Ingredients: Oats, black rice, rice, white rice, long rice, soybeans, beans seeds, barley, red and green of lotus. Little water.


1. Soak all ingredients together in the water for at least 1.5 hours to 2 hours.

2. Cook as normal rice, method of cooking. Serve as a main dish.

Effect: Pro-long aging, prevent freckles of old age, get more healthy body cells, reduce cardiovascular disease, lower cholesterol levels, filling stomach easily, so is the idea to lose weight body diet.

We hope that these rice recipes and helpful information.

Happy cooking!

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