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Spanish rice with homemade sausage recipe

[ 0 ] July 11 |


When you want to Cook, but do so at almost any time, it’s a recipe that works a charm to you. It is very simple and is very delicious end, includes only rice, sausages and eats spices to make it more delicious. You have to read these simple steps to learn how to cook very fast; delight with this recipe.




Polish sausage or kielbasa (1 pound, fully cooked, cut in slices of quarter inch)
Tomatoes 2 or 14.5 ounces (mixed)
(2 Cups) water
Rice (Cup of 1 ½, uncooked)
Sauce (1 cup)
Onion (1 medium)
Green pepper (1/2 cup, chopped)
Sweet pepper (1/2 cup, chopped)
Green chillies (4 ounces chopped or 1 Tin)
Taco seasoning (1 pack or 1.25 ounces)


How to do it:


The realization of this rice is very simple, because it already has the sausages indeed, there is no kitchen, however you have to cook the rice, this is very simple, take a pot or a pan, one that is a few inches deep, and here to put all the ingredients, tomato, onion, green pepper, red pepper, chili peppers, sausage and riceAdd the water and the sauce and agitation star. Cover it and then keep cooking until rice is tender and that’s when it will be. Once you are finished, serve in a large dish and some fresh parsley to decorate and give a beautiful presentation.


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