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Tri Color rice – India recipe

[ 0 ] July 22 |

We want to make a colorful rice and surprise your guests? Here is a very special recipe and little common in most of our Indian homes and the colors of the dish is sure to appeal to each and every one. This dish makes a delicious lunch meal or hub. It is easy to prepare. India is home to a variety of recipes for rice and rice of tri color is the most special. Try this delicious dish, smacking lip that will surely become a success for the family.


Orange rice:

3-4 carrots (Grind and take juice)

1 pinch of Saffron powder

Chile red powder 2 teaspoons


1 teaspoon. Ginger garlic paste

In oil, saute the ginger garlic paste

Add Red Chile powder, salt, carrot, kesari dust juice

Add 1/4 glass of rice with 1/2 glass of water and cooking.

White rice:

1 teaspoon of ginger garlic paste

1 large onion

(2 Cadomoms, 2 cloves, 1-inch cinnamon stick) powder


In oil Saute garlic and onion ginger paste.

Add cloves aroma, cinnamon, cardomoms and salt.
Add 1/4 glass of rice with 1/2 glass of water and cooking.

Green rice:

1 bunch coriander leaves

3 green chillies

1 small piece ginger

3 pods garlic

1 large onion


Crushed leaves of coriander, green chillies, ginger, garlic and onion

In oil, Saute ground masala, add salt and dust of Garam masala.

Add 1/4 cup of rice and 1/2 glass of water and cooking.

A large plaque organize Orange rice on rice in the rice, white green and environment in the

bottom. Garnish with fried cashewnuts.

Served with raitha (onions sliced into yogurt) or any other sauce.

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