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Vegetarian Burger Recipes – healthy delicious burgers

[ 0 ] September 18 |

Vegetarian burgers Unlike beef burgers are a substantial and healthy food. There are several ways to make a vegetarian burger and I will list did it like mine.

The first is a recipe for vegetarian burger, on the one hand, not everyone likes because it has onions:


1 small onion chopped well
1 very small or half of a medium-sized peppers (green, red, yellow does not matter)
1 small carrots grated
1 cup cooked beans dark (drained can of beans is good)
salt and pepper to taste.

Procedure: Place the chopped onion, peppers, and carrots ralladas on a plate and add the beans. Mix all ingredients together thoroughly. Grains will act as the basis for the Hamburger keep all the other ingredients together. Form a hamburger. Wetting formed hamburger first in milk (use vegan soy milk) then each corn biscuit crumbs of bread or flake. In a skillet heat approximately a tablespoon of olive oil. Put the burger in olive oil for frying. Brown on both sides and serve on a bun with a slice of tomato and some lettuce. If you like onions placed a thin slice of onion in it too. This can help you with any kind of garrison who likes along with a slice of pickle.

The second is a recipe for vegetarian burger for one that is slightly different and is not for lovers of the onion.


1 very small or half of a medium-sized pepper finely chopped (green, red, yellow no matter),
1 small carrots grated,
1 small tomato, diced
1 cup white or brown rice
salt and pepper to taste.

Procedure: Place the chopped peppers, strips of carrot and tomato chopped into a bowl and add 1 cup of cooked rice. Mix all the ingredients together until the company and the way in a hamburger. FRY in a pan with a tablespoon of olive oil. Choosing you can wet the hamburger in some dairy (vegan using soy milk), and then in cracker crumbs maize the crumbs flake or pan before frying but is not necessary because the rice is brown. Serve on a bun with a slice of tomato and some lettuce. You can use any garrison wants with this Burger with slices of pickled bread and butter.

Using carrots to make this recipe vegetarian burger juicy. Although in these there’s something about the carrot that makes the most tasty burger. Variations in these recipes add other ingredients such as mushrooms, mashed pumpkin or walnut white squash or any other vegetable enjoy. A variation of these becoming a much more pleasant burger recipes make it and eat it.

Rice or beans in these recipes take the place of the meat and add content to the hamburger. The grain in this recipe is low in calories but rice is the easiest and cooks more solidly, so that the coherence of these two hamburgers a little different. These recipes contain ingredients not only healthy, but they are too tasty. Try these recipes for vegetarian burger and choose your favorite.

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