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Yummy cakes

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My wife told me that when she retired she withdrew for the home cook. She gave me a fair warning, but never believed him until I learned that if not cook that we do not eat.

My wife is mainly vegetarian living on a starvation diet. For a time he learned that she could not eat normally without excessive weight gain. She tried many fashionable diets and diet clubs but finally got down to exercise and restricted food intake. That is why doesn’t eat much or often.

I am a little overweight myself. The only way I can get rid of the pounds is to use one of my big John Fat. Forms. Form hanging in my refrigerator door. There record everything what they eat. Stop eating when the list reaches the kitchen floor or when I feel significant guilt occurs earlier.

The Cook family, and sometimes eats only I have learned how to cook faster. Do not cook until that pains hanger said run to the kitchen and cook something!

Quick cook please in the closet:

Chicken broth

Cans of soup (some cream, others not) stay away from soups that have tons of salt, if you want to taste his soup. Get the larger cans that you don’t have to add water. Okay that the Soup cans smaller cream that may or may not add milk, broth or water.

Canned Vegtables

Canned foods

Rego sauce, sauce of Parmesan cheese or other creamy Italian souces


Spices and bacon bits

Teriyaki sauce

Parmesan cheese

I keep in the refrigerator:

Mass biscuit (in the warehouse for cooling) of various types (rolls, butter, croissant, baking cookies and such power)

Cloves of garlic


Tillamook Cheese (okay, use another brand if you wish).

I keep in the freezer:

Frozen chicken breast

Frozen stir fry vegetables or other frozen vegetables.

Now that you have your pantry loaded, you can make any number of potions, none taking more than thirty (30) minutes. Most have less time.

It takes 20 minutes for rice at our height and pasties requires 10 minutes of boiling with no lid followed by 10 minutes of cooking with a lid. If much along altitude 3000, need longer cooking. So if you’re going to have rice or pasta, should allow a bit more of time but not more than 30 minutes.

I think it is best not to think while cooking. Just start throwing things together and see what comes out. My wife always says, “now that he wrote the recipe for this so you can do again?”

My answer is always, “Oh, I think that it could do so again if I had that”.

Below are some typical recipes Cook:

Crack velocity soup with pasta

The soup

Decide whether to be cream or broth soup. Obtain appropriate cans.

Get a pot big or small. I use a big pot because I don’t like to cook more than two times per week.

In the dump pot Soup cans that look good. If you don’t see as if it were sufficient liquid, add a can of chicken broth. Throw in a can of mushroom stems and bits or whatever. Throw in a tin of carrots to make it fairly. Get the pot boiling. Taste of taste. I use chicken seasoning often.

The Dumplings

Place soup cookie dough. I think it is better to use the sections that come from the tube but you can break them in segments smaller if you want to.

I like hot soup spoon over the pasta when I first falls the stock. It makes me feel good.

Simmer uncovered for 10 minutes.

Reduce the heat and put the lid and keep it in to the point of boiling for another 10 minutes.

Turn off the heat and let stand a few minutes.

First in bowls and eat. Yum! Yum!

Cream of chicken and rice

Place a cup of rice and 2 cups of water in a saucepan or larger.

Normally double this recipe, but then what I know?

Get the boiling point of the rice. Keep the lid on 20 minutes under fire slow. Do not remove the lid.

Use a glass cover to deceive the rice. Just know that I am following.

Pick up a pair of breast of chicken in the freezer. Once mix it in the microwave oven them after turning around a minute. Normally do not use the defrost function. It takes time.

When the breast are cold but not completely frozen, carrying microwave and put them on the chopping block.

Put a large kitchen with cooking oil skillet. Place a clove of garlic in the oil. If you wish, you can chop the garlic. Either way, not get too hot oil that garlic is achicharrado. Does not look good.

Cut the chicken, season with seasioning of poultry and such and throw with the garlic. Throw in a can of mushroom pieces or stems, etc. I like to drip Teriyaki sauce over the chicken. I want to see it fail.

If there is no hurry put the breast of chicken in the refrigerator with Teriyaki sauce and orange juice or juice of another citrous. Leave it there for the night or shorter. To do this before the cooking!

When the chicken, it takes only a few minutes, dump a bottle of Parmesan cheese, ragout or another creamy Italian sauce in the chicken. If the mixture seems too thick, add a can of soup cream of any variety (the spice of life).

When the rice, pour the mixture over the rice and stir in. Season to taste.

Put Parmesan cheese on the table when things are served.

Cream of chicken and vegetables

Use the previous recipe. Do not use rice. Be smart and use frozen vegetables. Stir just fry them in with the chicken or them steam separately. Add the creamy chicken sauce. It will be in a flash. Don’t forget the Parmesan cheese.

You can cook some cookies up too if you wish.

Cream of potato soup

Take the favorite pot and add a couple of cans of cream of celery or other soup cream. I prefer cream of celery soup. Thin with chicken broth instead of water or milk if you like but not thin too.

Add a can or two slices of potato. Why mess with potatoes fresh if you’re in a hurry? Add a can of carrots. Grating some cheese and place. If you have bits of bacon, toss in too.

Prepare chicken and other recipes and add to the soup.

If you want dumplings, just take a tube of toothpaste of cookie and place individual cookies in the soup. You should simmer uncovered for 10 minutes, followed by boiling with lid for another 10 minutes (do not forget to turn the heat down and without reading it).

I believe that mass of croissant is best for pasta, but as please.

If you do not want dumplings, consider taking the dough and bake biscuits in the oven.

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